• Yandi Sustaining Project

Yandi Sustaining Project

Yandi Sustaining Project

Category: Mining / Construction

Principal: Rio Tinto

Client: Calibre Global

Duration: 2012 – 2015

Location: 90km North West of Newman

Project Description:

The object of Yandi Sustaining Project was to extend the life of the Yandicoogina mine in the Pilbara to 2021.  The scope of work for the Project included:

  • Construction of a sizer plant
  • Constructing a wet processing facility
  • Installation of a second stacker
  • Significant supporting infrastructure

Survey Scope:

ST Spatial were engaged as the survey auditors for the entire project and were a key member of the project team supplying up to 6 survey crews.

ST Spatial were responsible for the management of all surveying services and survey data for the entire site to Rio Tinto QA and HS&E standards.  We were involved with setout and as-constructed surveys for the Survey Control Network, Clearing Areas and Permits, Bulk and Detailed Earthworks, Concrete Structures and Bolts, Dimensional Control for Steelwork Structures and Conveyors, Excavation Permits and QA and QC checks on subcontractors.  We completed the project with an impeccable safety performance culminating over 3 years and 43,000 hours incident and injury free.