• Badgingarra Wind Farm

Badgingarra Wind Farm

Badgingarra Wind Farm

Category: Government / Infrastructure, Power Infrastructure

Principal: Alinta Energy

Duration: 2017 – 2018

Location: Badgingarra – 180km North of Perth

Project Description:

The Badgingarra Wind Farm (BWF) is located just to the north of APA’s 80-megawatt Emu Downs Wind Farm and the 20-megawatt Emu Downs Solar Farm. BWF consists of 37 Siemens 3.6-megawatt wind turbine generators installed with a hub height of 85 metres and tip height of 150 metres.   BWF generates 130 megawatts of power into the Western Power electricity grid, creating a 230-megawatt renewable energy precinct near Cervantes, Western Australia.

Survey Scope:

ST Spatial was engaged to complete initial contour and feature survey of the area for design through to the survey setout of property boundaries, site compounds, underground services, clearing permits, earthworks, roadworks and turbines.  ST Spatial completed the bolt pre-pour and post pour conformance reporting for the large turbine bases to a required accuracy not exceeding 2mm.  ST Spatial were also responsible for all the as constructed drawings for the entire infrastructure on site.