• Newman – Roy Hill Tranmission Line Easements

Newman – Roy Hill Tranmission Line Easements

Newman – Roy Hill Tranmission Line Easements

Category: Cadastral / Land Development

Principal: 121 kilometre Easement Only Deposited Plans

Client: Alinta Energy

Duration: July 2014 – June 2015

Location: Newman to Roy Hill Mine Site

Project Description:

Alinta Energy partnered with UGL Engineering and successfully completed the construction and commissioning of a 121km 220kV transmission line to supply the power needs of the Roy Hill iron ore mine from Alinta Energy’s Newman Power Station.

The $136 million dollar project scope included the concept development, design, construction, testing and commissioning of:

  • 120km of 220kV single circuit transmission line between the Newman Power Station and RHIO Mine
  • a 66/220kV substation and associated 66kV connecting works at Newman
  • a 220/33kV substation at RHIO Mine
  • a 6MW reciprocating diesel engine Power Station at RHIO Mine
  • a 33kV electrical distribution system at RHIO Mine

Survey Scope:

ST Spatial was engaged to complete the Licensed Surveying works on the project as part of Alinta Energy’s requirements for the Department of Lands.

ST Spatial completed Deposited Plans for the length of the corridor to create easements over the powerline over some 121 kilometers from Substation to Substation.


ST Spatial liaised with the Department of Lands on Alinta Energy’s behalf, as well as the legal team and Landgate.