• Roy Hill Accommodation Village

Roy Hill Accommodation Village

Roy Hill Accommodation Village

Category: Mining / Construction

Principal: Roy Hill Holdings

Client: Brookfield Multiplex

Duration: 2012 – 2015

Project Description:

Brookfield Multiplex completed a $190 million contract to design and construct Roy Hill Mine Accommodation Village. They were also subsequently awarded the $70 million Non Processing Infrastructure (NPI) facility at the Roy Hill mine. The NPI facility is the ‘engine room’ of Roy Hill, with the provision of a heavy and light vehicle workshop, wash down facilities, a boilermaker workshop, tyre change area and lube farm.

Survey Scope:

ST Spatial were responsible for the management of all surveying services and survey data for the entire site to Roy Hill QA and HS&E standards.  We were involved with setout and as-constructed surveys for the Survey Control Network, Clearing Areas and Permits, Bulk and Detailed Earthworks, Concrete Structures and Bolts, Excavation Permits and QA and QC checks on subcontractors.

ST Spatial were the principal audit surveyors and were also responsible for the as constructed model, which was a key tool for the completion of dig permits ensuring that subsequent excavation did no damage prior installed services.